​​ ​            L​​ a Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS
​and the
 Office of Emergency Management

Community Outreach

An essential component of La Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS Service's, is community education. LSCFR is committed to providing the community with Fire, EMS & Life Safety Education by teaching safety prevention in order to deter and reduce life and property loss. Our Public Education Specialists are available to make presentations to schools, organizations and/or businesses. 

At a glance below,...... are some of the Education and Community Outreach Themed Programs we provide:

  • S.A.F.E. In Our Community  
  • ​Blood Pressure Checks
  • Every Step of the Way - Senior Care
  • CPR & AED Certification Training Classes
  • Civic Group Home Preparedness
  • Juvenile Fire-Setters Prevention & Intervention
  • Wildland Urban Interface Fire Awareness

S.A.F.E. In Our Community - A Smoke Detector in Every Home Campaign: "Preventing the 911 Call"
Is a countywide SAFETY and FIRE EDUCATION PROGRAM with a goal of…"Preventing the 911 call"
a.  Offers seasonal fire and life safety information to residents
b.  Offers free smoke detector/alarm installations w/home alarm inspections, conducted by firefighters. 
c.  Child Safety Seat Installation Program.
d.  Bicycle Rodeo & Multi-Sport Helmet Program.
e.  Smoke & Fire Alarm Installation, and Carbon Monoxide Alarm consultation.       

Blood Pressure Checks: "Heart Healthy"
a. Blood Pressure Checks: La Salle County Fire Rescue and EMS personnel are available 7days a week to take blood pressure readings for free.
b. Residents can stop by any of the LSCFR Stations listed below from 8 a.m.to 6 p.m. No appointment is necessary.
c. There will be times when the staff will be out  If the crews are away from the station, check back at a later time or another station.
HQ/EOC - 247 Mars Dr. Cotulla, TX 78014.
St. #61 -  951 Dobie Rd, Cotulla, TX 78014.
St. #62 -  889 W. 44, Encinal, TX 78019.

Every Step Of The Way: "Deterring Accidents before they happen"
a.  A safety program targeting the most vulnerable segments of the population, the very young and elderly.
b.  Pre-school program reaches children 3 - 5years of age in public and private schools and daycare centers that reaches over 3,000 children.
c.  Over 18,000 seniors have been exposed to programs addressing fire safety, File of Life, and injury from falls.
d.  School Aged Child Safety (SACS) program reaching children 5 to 11 in public schools educating them about life safety initiatives.

CPR & AED Certification Training Classes: "Hands-Only CPR"
a. Is a potentially lifesaving technique involving no mouth-to-mouth contact.
b. Hands-only CPR is simpler and easier to remember and studies have shown that being trained in hands-Only CPR is just as effective as the old
     ABC version of CPR.” F or more information or to schedule a class, please call the Division on Fire Prevention & Life Safety at  (830) 202-7703.

Civic Group Home Preparedness: "In Case of an Emergency"
Assisting our Community through mutual safety efforts by offering various Fire & Life Safety awareness classes.
a.  S.A.F.E. Presentations including home escape planning and proper smoke alarm placement.
b.  Community slide shows, showing Departmental Safety programs.
c.  Emergency Preparedness Guides & How to….Disaster Kits.

Juvenile Fire Setters Intervention: "Educate Through Mentoring"
a. An educational intervention program targeting troubled youth involved in fire setting & arson, administered by nationally certified personnel. 
b Referrals are received from counselors, law enforcement, court  & school officials, mental health practitioners, fire investigators, firefighters, parents, and adult relatives.

​Wildland Urban Interface Fire Awareness: "Act Now - Prepare Today"
a. The best time to prepare yourself and your family in case of an emergency evacuation is before you are called to act. The more prepared you
    are, the more effectively we can protect you and your home if a wildland fire threatens your neighborhood.

For more information or to schedule a
program please call LSCFR’s Division on Fire Prevention and Life Safety Education at
​(830) 483-5166 Office Phone
(830) 202-7703 Cell Phone
Ask for Fire Inspector/Investigator Bill Butterfield or Fire Chief Les A. Simmons