​​ ​            L​​ a Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS
​and the
 Office of Emergency Management

Chief's Message


As Chief, I am devoted to the fundamental  principle that our members are the foundation of this department, therefore the department as a whole can be no better or stronger than its membership. This, the “La Salle County Fire Rescue Way” will be our CREED and defines us.

At La Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS you are not just an employee – you are a Member, part of a Family that makes up a Team like no other.
We are ME​MBERS in a sense that, as fundamentally diverse individuals, we have committed by choice for the common goal. We chose to become members , and we choose to remain. You become a member the day you join the department in any capacity. We are a FAMILY in the sense that we spend a considerable amount of time eating, sleeping, working, and living together where we all must get along. We are a TEAM in the sense that we must always pull together to get the job done for the common good, in more times than not during someone’s worst day.  We avoid doing, ”just good enough to get by,” and void actions that are destructive to each other. Our pride in the department and our positiive commitment to quality and to each other have made us what we are today and through constant assessment and change, will sustain us in the future.

The “La Salle County Fire Rescue Way” describes the cultural philosophy of our department. It is intended to communicate to existing and new members the expectations of the way members are treated in the department, expectations for individual behavior and performance, guidelines for leadership, and the general approach that we will all use when interacting with each other. This is the “La Salle County Fire Rescue Way”. Your reputation is one of your most valuable possessions; focus on it, and remember – it starts the day you join us. We are committed to excellence internally and externally.

Finally, my intent is for the “La Salle County Fire Rescue Way” to be a document that describes expectations for positive, constructive interaction.
It sets forth the standards and expectations, we as a department are dedicated to achieving and the standard by which to measure our internal behavior as well as our department's health. It will serve as a product of the relationships we instill, mentor and hold between individual members, supervisors, managers, the county commissioners and the judge. It represents the input of all members. It is a dynamic living document and will need to be revised periodically.


Chief Les A. Simmons