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Cotulla, the County Seat established in 1883 and named after Polish Immigrant Joseph Cotulla, now sits as the Hub of the Eagle Ford Shale which expands out to approximately 1500 square miles of County Jurisdiction. La Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS was established in November of 2013 soley as a Fire Brigade Project due to the increased incidents as a result of the oil production boom throughout the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas.   Shortly thereafter, La Salle County Fire Rescue soon became a Fire Based/Emergency Medical Services Provider, providing both Basic Life Support  (BLS) & (ALS) Advanced Life Support  911 - Pre-hospital Care.
We are Licensed and Regulated by the State of Texas - Texas Commission on Fire Protection & Texas Department of State Health Services.

Mission Statement

To protect our citizens, visitors and stakeholders of the Eagle Ford Shale Community within La Salle County by minimizing the loss of life and property resulting from fire, medical emergencies and other catestrophic events in such a manner that will retain the public's support and confidence in all aspects of service and delivery.
We will carry out our mission through fire prevention, investigation, public education and continual training efforts, as well as maintaining a quick and effective response throughout the county for fire suppression, emergency medical services and other emergency and non-emergency functions. 
Vision Statement

It is the overall vision of La Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS to provide caliber emergency services' that exceeds the expectations of those affected, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, efficency and effectiveness by all.
​                      LaSalle ISD Science Fair ​​


A 15 Call Shift Ender with these two fires.

Although these two fires may initially appear to be impressive, and or contained, they are nothing but. On the contrary,  they can be quite volatile and unpredictable!

Even with a cadre of well trained personnel deploying what on the surface appears to be a good rounded strategy of a "Simultaneous Frontal Attack utilizing Stream Tactics".  It's the "unforseen" or "the unknown variables" that always cause us havoc or worse......a Line of Duty Death!!! 

The unforseen in these types of incidents are always the TARGET HAZARD AT HAND, WHAT and HOW MUCH OF IT IS BURNING, IT"S REACTIVITY TO COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF WATER & FOAM,  and HOW MUCH WILL BE TOO MUCH to cause a BOILOVER or worse a BLEVE. And if so will it cause IGNITED RUNOFF in our work area?

In this case, although we had a rough estimation of how large the underground storage was at this particular Waste Disposal Plant, and how much water & foam it could accomodate before running off into our feet,  hoselines and our apparatus,  in the end......never discount luck with an overal good (IAP) Incident Action Plan & Strategy/Tactic. And, always...always.....ensure you have redundant safety precautions, because you may not get anoher chance to regroup for another push. 

In the end, this was a good day......no injuries, we all got back to quarters for rest, and waited for the next bell to ring.   

Thank you guys for what you do! Chief Simmons

              Video footage.

Smoke Detector in Every Home Campaign

La Salle County Fire Rescue recently canvassed the area installing free smoke detectors to residents.  This was a partnership with the American Red Cross to ensure that all homes are equipped with the life saving mechanisms in the event of a fire.  If you missed our visit and would like one in your home, please contact the fire station at (830) 483-1392 or the ​Fire Chief at les.simmons@co.la-salle.tx.us.  Installation is ​free.  Limit three (3) detectors per home. 

Encinal Station #62 & ENGINE #62...Coming Soon!
​The New Encinal Station, which will be known as Station #62 is nearly complete.  The physical address of Station #62 will be 889 W. FM 44 coming soon May 2017.​





The Office of Emergency Management, located at the Larry Humphries Griffin - Emergency Operations Center..... (a Division of La Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS), is now HQ for Fire & EMS Administration. 


Conducting a Cost Benefit & Resource Availability Analysis of a "Rural Community Based EMS Service" here in La Salle County while complying with HIPPA Regulations.

Community EMS is an innovative and evolving model of community-based healthcare designed to provide more effective and efficient services at a lower cost. Community EMS allows Certified Emergency Medical Technicians to function outside their traditional emergency response and transport roles to help facilitate more appropriate use of emergency care resources while enhancing access to primary care for medically underserved populations. Community EMS is successfully operating in North Carolina, Colorado, Minnesota, Maine, and Texas where these programs demonstrated that EMT's can be trained to safely and effectively perform in an expanded role with cost savings.

The 'Post Discharge' Community EMS pilot programs are designed to improve the patient healthcare experience while reducing hospital readmissions and unnecessary medical costs. Community EMS will provide recently discharged patients with timely follow-up's, helping to prevent simple medical problems from becoming serious or life-threatening emergencies.

Our intent is that patients with designated diagnoses are contacted by Community Technicians and administrators within 48 hours of discharge. In a number of the pilot sites, the Community Technicians visit the patients while they are still in the hospital to establish a rapport prior to discharge. The Community Technicians ensure that the patients fully understand their discharge instructions, any new prescriptions, and when their next physician follow-up visit is scheduled. The Community EMS Technicians will also use their assessment skills to identify changes in health status that need to be relayed to the physician before the next appointment, determine whether an additional in-person visit by a Community Technician is necessary to solve any problems, and ensure that the patient is living in a safe environment in order to help prevent readmission.


​ISO concluded its review of the fire suppression features being provided for La Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS. The resulting community Public Protection Classifiction is CLASS 05/5Y.


The purpose of ISO is to give insurance companies a uniform system on which to base their insurance premiums.

Simply put, ISO - Insurance Service Office - Is an organization that provides statistical information on risk. The ISO (PPC) Public Protection Classification rating / ranking is 1 through 10, with 1 being the best and 10 being no protection at all.  Whether we like it or not, paying for insurance is a fact of life. Homeowner and business insurance companies use many factors when determining the cost of your premiums. One major factor is the level of fire protection. Most insurance carriers use what is known as ISO to determine the quality of fire protection available and therefore establish insurance rates.

This is a group of trained, professional evaluators that assess almost every fire department in the U.S. ISO uses a consistent set of guidelines to evaluate a fire department. ISO bases a fire department’s rating on many factors including the number of personnel on duty, training level of personnel (paid or volunteer), the amount of water the fire department can get to a fire, and the amount and quality of equipment used (such as fire engines and hand tools).

For an insurance company knowing the capabilities of a fire department is important. The better the fire department, the better protected a building is from fire damage and loss. The higher the level of protection, the less likely an insurance company will have to reimburse a claim for fire damage. The fewer number of claims, the lower the cost for the insurance provider. Of course fire protection can work the opposite way. A sub-par fire department will experience more fire losses. More fire losses means more insurance claims filed. In order to make costs meet, the insurance companies raise the premiums you pay.



Immediate Vacancies
FRO-Fire Rescue Officer/Shift Lt.'s
Must hold at minimum, current TCFP & TDSHS Certifications as follows: FF/HazAw.,Ops., D/O, Instr.I, FOI, NIMS, CPR & EMT-B or above w/both Municipal and Industrial Spec.Ops Experience.   


Immediate Vacancies
TCFP Firefighter/TDSHS Paramedics  - Requiring at least (1) year of high volume 911 Pre-Hospital Field experience. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Must have and exude a high degree of integrity, accountability and professionalism.  

Call to inquire within - (830)202-7703

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